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PSU and Kochi University strengthen collaboration Through Research Undertaking

In an effort to promote academic collaboration and foster valuable research partnerships, Dr. Teruyuki Shinbo from Kochi University, alongside Dr. Emma L. Ballad from the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Aquatic Resources, and Ms. Joela Mizchelle A. Dela Vega-Dacillo, a faculty member of ParSU and a Ph.D. candidate at Kochi University, paid a courtesy visit to Partido State University on March 20, 2024. This visit aligns with the ongoing research collaboration between Partido State University, under the leadership of former university president Dr. Raul G. Bradecina, and Kochi University. Present during the visit were the VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Administration and Finance, Deans/Units Heads, and Center Directors. 

During the visit, Dr. Shinbo expressed gratitude for the warm welcome extended by Partido State University and conveyed Kochi University's dedication to enhancing collaboration through joint research. 

In line with this, initial fieldwork will be conducted in Camarines Sur and Albay as part of a study examining the cooperative efforts of local communities in conserving coastal ecosystems through marine protected areas and the driving factors behind such initiatives. This research collaboration, spanning five days, will serve as a catalyst for Dr. Shinbo and his two former mentees, Dr. Bradecina and Dr. Emma, together with Ms. Dacillo to finalize a three-year study on establishing a research program focused on environmental economics and sustainable utilization of coastal resources.  Additionally, as part of its objective to advance the understanding of the human dimension in this study, exploration will be conducted to examine the influence of ethnicity, specifically among small-scale fishermen, on the economic and sustainable development of both the local community and society at large.

It is worth noting that the relationship between PSU and Kochi University has been established through years of knowledge sharing and cooperation, as evidenced by the annual visits of Kochi University faculty to PSU. Ms. Joela Mizchelle DelaVega–Dacillo is currently taking her Ph.D. in Environmental Economics at Kochi University, Japan since June 2021 sponsored by the Japanese government Monbukagakusho program.  Over the years, Kochi University has been supportive of Partido State University’s focus on instruction, research, and scholarly collaboration as evidenced by the conduct of its faculty development and student exchange programs since 2005.

With Dr. Bradecina as one of the scientific advisors for the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Aquatic Resources and Dr. Emma who is affiliated with the agency, this study would also generate information on protecting marine resources for sustainability as well as produce products that contribute to the management of marine fisheries resource. Also discussed during this visit, was the plan to conduct mentoring activities of Kochi Alumni to PSU faculty researchers and the conduct of pilot testing of engagements for PSU faculty and come up with a compilation of a well-thought-out thematic area for coastal management. These initiatives are designed to ensure the sustained research productivity of the faculty and contribute to the advancement of coastal management practices. Consequently, both institutions will continue to work together, leveraging their respective strengths, to make a positive impact through cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices. Moreover, the visit underscores Partido State University's strategic response to CHED's call for state universities and colleges to internationalize.


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