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Inaugural Distinguished Scientist Lecture by Dr. Rafe M. Brown of Kansas University

The Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series brings eminent, successful, and reputable scientists and intellectuals, educators, businessmen, economists, political figures, artists, policymakers, and other professionals to Partido State University (ParSU) to give a lecture, inform and share significant ideas that will provide the ParSU community with different perspectives and topics of thought. The lectures aimed to inform the ParSU community about the recent development in a particular field and provide a venue for the presentation of findings from a particular field highlighting crucial solutions, debates, and dilemmas in contemporary issue.


The inaugural lecture for the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series features Dr. Rafe M. Brown, a renowned scientist and Professor from Kansas University, Biodiversity Institute and History of Natural Museum. Dr. Brown is a pivotal figure in several critical areas of study, including evolutionary biology, biogeography, phylogenetic systematics, and conservation genetics of terrestrial vertebrates in island archipelagos of Southeast Asia. His collective understanding of the Southeast Asia’s ecological dynamics and ecological challenges positions him in the forefront of biodiversity conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the region.


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