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Asset Utilization


  1. Space Rental
  1. Covered Court
  2. Ball ground
  3. Canteen Spaces   


2 types for Canteen Spaces:

  1.  With sink      
  2.  Without sink
  1. Buildings (GOA CAMPUS)
  1. AVR
  2. Modern Classrooms

Review Centers

Colleges/Campuses Modern Classroom

-Exclusive of current and generator (Pre-arranged)

-1st 100 chairs are free of charge, however, in any excess, an additional fee per piece shall be charged/collected.

-Members of any non-accredited organizations (students or personnel) who intends to use the gymnasium shall be charged with the corresponding rate.

  *Extra-curricular activities to be conducted on the above facilities shall also be charged with the corresponding rate.

3.  ParSU Commercial Building

New Dormitories
  • Goa Campus
  • Tinamabac Campus
  • Sagnay Campus
  • Lagonoy Campus
  • Caramoan Campus
  • Salogon Campus

For: (Students, Personnel, Transient)

  • 2 single bed
  • 2 single bed with CR
  • Double-deck

Additional charges for:

  1. Electric Iron
  2. Additional Electric Fan
  3. Rice Cooker
  4. Music Player
  5. Other Appliances
D. Production Facility

Farm with contract


  • Goa Campus
  • Salogon Campus
E. Auxiliary Services

Swimming Pool

Category Rates:

  • 15 y/o below
  • 16 y/o and above


  • PSU San Jose Campus
  • PSU Caramoan Campus
  • PSU Sagnay Campus

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