The Partido Statistics Center (PSC) in partnership with the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) conducted a two-day Training-Workshop on Basic Statistical Analysis with guest speakers from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) on May 30-31, 2019 at IT Building, ParSU – Goa Campus.

The objectives of the said activity were the following: (1) highlight the use of technology-based tools in obtaining descriptive and inferential measures necessary for instruction and research; (2) develop and enhance skills of participants on data analysis with the aid of a statistical software; (3) instill among faculty-participants to capitalize on and maximize the use of technology toward more effective and efficient performance of their tasks as educators and researchers; and (4) disseminate, appreciate and understand the use of statistics.  

The training-workshop was started with a brief introduction on the functions of PSC in ensuring quality research to be produced by the university followed by a lecture-discussion on sampling designs (sample size determination and sampling methods), variables and its level of measurement; and numerical descriptive measures.

In the afternoon session, Mr. Clemente Manaog and Ms. Jovilyn Cacho from the PSA were invited to give lectures on Labor Force, Consumer Price, Agricultural Statistics, Business, and Industry. Latest statistics and updates on these parameters were disseminated.

The sessions on the second day focused on the commonly used parametric and non-parametric methods such as T-test One Sample, T-test Independent and Dependent, One Way ANOVA One Factor with Post Hoc Analysis, Chi-square Test of Independence, Pearson Correlation and Multiple Regression. Assumptions underlying the use of these tests were discussed and application problems were given.  

Hands-on activities using statistical softwares  ̶̶  Simplified Statistics for Beginners (SSB) and Minitab  ̶ were applied in obtaining necessary measures for data analysis. The director of the Partido Statistics Center, Ms. Yumi Vivien V. De Luna, facilitated the training-workshop.



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