Academic presentations and discussions are an important component of university life. They provide avenues for intellectual discourse thereby strengthening the culture of scholarly writing and research among faculty, especially in the Graduate School. Listening to presentations of proposed research, results of studies, and instructional materials stimulates and motivates faculty to engage in challenging and high quality research, literature review and designing of instructional tools. It enriches classroom instruction because it provides concrete examples to the theories and concepts discussed in class.

Last August 1 and 6, 2018, the Graduate School resumed the second round of its series of Journal Group Discussions which started last month. Last August 1, the discussant was Dr. Bernadette Gumba, Dean of Graduate School, who presented a “Literature Review on Carrying Capacity of Tourism Areas.” Present were the University President Dr. Raul Bradecina, VP for Research, Extension & External Affairs Patricia Candelaria, Research  Director Luisa Lanciso, MBA students, and faculty of the Graduate School.

Last August 6, the discussant was Dr. Armando Delfino, faculty of Master of Arts in Education and Doctor of Philosophy, who presented the initial report of his study entitled “Student Engagement and Academic Performance of Students of PSU College of Education.” Present in the discussion were Planning Director Josenia Penino, College of Business and Management faculty Margarita Tipanero and faculty of the Graduate School.


Bernadette M. Gavino-Gumba, PhD, CPA

Dean, School of Graduate Studies & Research
Partido State University
Goa, Camarines Sur, Philippines

President Council of Deans for Graduate Education (CODGE) Region V 

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