The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) held the second of a series of virtual research seminars last May 21, 2023. This session was entitled “Quantitive Research Analysis”. This seminar series was intended primarily for DepEd teachers but was also opened to teachers from the Naga City Science High School, Ateneo de Naga University, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges and Partido State University. There were registered participants from Canada, Thailand and Dubai.

       The opening remarks delivered by the SGS Dean, Dr. Bernadette Gumba, served as an inspirational message to all the participants. Her constant prodding to the graduate students served as a reminder to the rest of our participants that research undertakings are key to improving instructional quality and uplifting the lives of the community. Dr. Mariel Estrella, the SGS Research Coordinator, formally introduced the resource speaker.

       Prof. Yumi Vivien De Luna, the Director of the PSU Statistics Center, served as the guest speaker. Using statistical jargon can be threatening. Nonetheless, the speaker was able to simplify these complex statistical concepts within the range or common level of understanding of the participants. Admittedly though, it would take some time for the other participants to have a full grasp of the key concepts and even the use of the software given in the virtual training. The speaker introduced Raosoft and GPower software that would make handy the computation of the sample size. Likewise, she introduced JAMOVI a software that can be used for testing the reliability of items/indicators in the preparation of the questionnaire. She gave the participants sample data for them to apply the software in determining the sample size and testing the reliability of the items in the sample questionnaire.

       The host, Dr. Abelardo Belleza, then called Dr. Maria Wendy Solomo, the Program Director for the MAED and PhD programs of SGS, for her closing message. (BGGumba)


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