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Balongibog Talks on

“Engaging with Multiple Futures, Steering to a More Sustainable Path”

9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon March 3, 2022 (Philippines)

In celebration of the 21st Charter Anniversary of the Partido State University, we bring the first Balongibog Talk for 2022 sponsored by the Partido State University-Caramoan Campus. This symposium is in celebration of the Research, Extension, and Knowledge Management Day during the Charter Anniversary of the Partido State University.

How have species gotten to where we find them now? What factors allow them to coexist, persist, and survive across geological time-frames? How do these relate to today’s patterns of biodiversity? What do patterns tell us about processes? These are some of the essential questions that biogeographers ask. The answers to these questions imply that we must reckon with biodiversity conservation through radical new thinking, seriously rethink how we approach conservation, evaluate the real value of biodiversity to societies and economies, and find workable solutions that elucidate effective conservation. Indeed, “There has never been a time in history when the choice for futures is so critical,” says Maxwell Gomera, a UN Environment biodiversity expert.

In this webinar, biodiversity experts in the field of herpetology are invited to speak about the need to support Biodiversity Conservation, specifically, the establishment of the Caramoan R2R Megatransect which offers compelling opportunities for the pure study of biodiversity, case studies in conservation, student training, and multidisciplinary collaboration for specialists in many fields relating to forest natural resources, biodiversity conservation, and ecosystem services.

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