After the three-day Basic Training on MOODLE Learning Management System (LMS) conducted in July 2021, the University's MOODLE Team continued with a four-phase capability-building program which shall run from August to December 2021. The components of the program were as follows: 1) Training for Course Managers; 2) MOODLE Hands-On Workshops at the Campus/ College-Level; 3) Student Orientation on MOODLE; and 4) Continuing MOODLE Training for Faculty.  


The Training for Course Managers (Pres Memo 258 s.2021) was designed for the Campus/College-Level MOODLE Coordinators assigned by the Dean. It aimed to build the participants' ability and knowledge to create tools and navigate through MOODLE so that they can assist fellow teachers. It tackled the basic operations of the LMS like creating MOODLE course accounts, producing the self-enrollment key and setting up the grade book, among others. The output of the activity was the creation of MOODLE courses for the current semester. The participants were to take charge of LMS concerns and queries at the level of their campus/ college. They likewise organized and facilitated the MOODLE Hands-On Workshops at the Campus/ College-Level (Pres Memo 264 s.2021), with the Faculty of Information Technology as main speakers. This second component of the program aimed to provide a venue for the faculty who needed hands-on training on the basics of MOODLE, on using the tools and platforms provided, and on exploring various ways of creating, uploading and managing learning content. 

The third component was a university-wide Student Orientation on MOODLE (Pres Memo 274 s.2021). It was a half-day activity that aimed to guide the students on how to access their MOODLE courses. The speakers discussed the entire process of how each student can effectively participate in the online distance learning using PSU MOODLE. First was how to create an Institutional Email Account (IEA), second was how to create a MOODLE account, next was how to enroll in their MOODLE courses for the current semester, and finally was how to access their MOODLE courses. The fourth component of the program was the Continuing MOODLE Training for Faculty dubbed as  "PSU myLMS Learnflix Series" (Pres Memo 318 s.2021). This last component shall be sustained until the end of 2021 to respond to the needs and feedback of the faculty, to answer frequently asked questions, and to monitor the usage of the PSU LMS so that corresponding actions may be taken.      

Again, thanks to the MOODLE Trainers Mr. Kennedy Cuya, Mr. Nicolas Pura, Mr. Rowell John Artiaga, Dr. Joni Neil Capucao, Mr. Froiland Penalosa, Ms. Krismabelle Felizmeno, Mr. Charles Jamer, Mr. Rey Cornel and Engr. Mike Albert Pascua. Thanks to the Course Managers Engr. Kenneth Zamudio, Mr. Joshua Texon, Mr. Rexces James Lopez, Mr. Ivan Ruzzel Pesino, Mr. Jojie Rodriguez, Mr. Jasper Nieves, Mr. Marc Armel Anonuevo, Mr. Arjay Abio, Mr. Jonathan Paga, Engr. Francisco Clerigo, Jr., Ms. Leah Erica Ignao, Ms. Nora Bacares and Dr. Jennifer San Jose. Thanks to the MOODLE Team Leader Dr. Bernadette Gumba. 


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