The Partido State University-Magellan-Elcano Studies Center, PARSU-Center for Partido Studies, PARSU-School of Graduate Studies and Research, Museo de Isarog, and Mexican Embassy in the Philippines invite the public to join and converse with the author Dr. Cuauhtémoc Villamar in his book presentation, “Portuguese merchants in the Manila Galleon System, 1565-1600”, (Routledge, 2021). The event will be held via Zoom and Facebook Live on Thursday, 3:30 to 5:00 PM (UTC+8).


It is widely accepted the role of Manila as a crucial port-city for the beginning of Early Modern Globalization. Its inception in the trade between Asia and the Americas at the end of the sixteenth century attracted the stream of trade that previously existed in Asia and introduced an important volume of silver to the Asian circulation. However, new research tapping on archives as diverse as Mexico, Lisbon, Seville and Manila provides more detail about some of the actual trading agents of the region. Surprisingly, an informal network of merchants considered New Christians, or Jew convert, of Portuguese origin, were particularly active during the first years of the Manila Galleon.


Participants who would like to join the zoom meeting may register through this link: At the same time, the FB Live Stream will be posted on the Magellan-Elcano Studies Center Facebook Page:

Publicity material designed by Noel Jay Roxas, Museo de Isarog Student Volunteer, BS Geology, College of Arts and Sciences.



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