To promote collaborative research projects for the economic and environmental sustainability in the Bicol Region, Partido State University through its Research & Development (R&D) unit spearheaded by Director Luisa M. Lanciso in partnership with the Economy and Environment Group (EEG) of the Philippines spearheaded the 1st Bicol Economy and Environment Forum on April 28, 2016 at the ParSu Gymnasium attended by 129 participants coming from various HEI’s in the region and six others from Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) and 15 from the university.

The said forum started with the registration proper at 7:30 in the morning. The opening program started at about 9:00 a.m. with an invocation and the Philippine National Anthem. Dr. Raul G. Bradecina gave his welcome remarks and the presentation of the participants was done by Ms. Patricia M. Candelaria, VP for Research, Extension and External Affairs. Afterwhich, Dr. Gem B. Castillo, National Director for EEG and President of Resource & Environmental Economics Foundations of the Philippines (REAP) oriented the participants on EEG Philippines and its role in Local and Global Transdisciplinary Economy and Environment Research and Development Trends. Dr. Alice Joan Ferrer, National Deputy Director, EEG Philippines and Professor from UP Visayas gave the presentation of the Regional EEP and National EEG Plans and Programs. Succeeding their talks was the open forum and picture taking of the participants with the speakers and panellists.

At 10:48 a.m., the Panel on Regional Economy and Environment commenced starting with the representative from the Department of Agriculture (DA), Mr. Pedro F. Oliver followed by Mr. Milo Consuelo, from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

The afternoon session started with the continuation of the panel with Ms. Alicia Bernadas from the LAUTERC DENR-ERDB and Engr. Marjorie Atole, from Partido Development Administration (PDA). Subsequently, in order to highlight researches on economy and environment and to give the participants insights on the research methodologies in related fields, the paper presentations followed. The research on WTP of City Residents for Protecting Marine Fishery Reserve Sanctuary in San Miguel Island, Using Double Bounded Dichotomous Choice CVM Format was discussed by the university president, Dr. Raul G. Bradecina. The next discussant was Dr. Alice Joan Ferrer who shared valuable inputs of her research on Reverting Disused Fishpond Lease Agreement Areas to Mangrove Forest in Region VI, Philippines. Then, Dr. Rico C. Ancog, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Science & Management, UP Los Baños tackled his paper on Fire Occurrence and Fire Mitigation Strategies in a Grassland Area in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Dr. Gem B. Castillo, President of REAP was the last to discuss; his paper was titled Fiscal Gaps and Financing of Southeast Asia’s Protected Areas: A Cross-Country Analysis.

Then, to address the questions from the participants regarding the paper presentations, the Open Forum was facilitated by Dr. Ricky P. Laureta, Dean, Caramoan Campus. Consequently, Dr. Rico C. Ancog presented the overall research priority projects collated from the issues and concerns written by the participants in their localities during the Research Priority Setting Exercise. The said forum ended with the distribution of Certificates of Appreciation to the panellists and resource persons as well as Certificates of Participation to the attendees. It was awarded by Dr. Raul G. Bradecina, Dr. Gem B. Castillo and Mr. Arnel B. Zarcedo, VP for Administration and Finance.

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