Part of the extension efforts of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is responding to partners who are in need of expert assistance in doing research. The Naga City Science High School (NCSHS) sponsored a webinar entitled “CONNECT: A Series of Research Power Hours” on February 28-12, 2021 for its Junior and Senior High School Students. The webinar was designed to equip student-participants s with the required skills in conducting research.


The first day of the webinar was about “Writing a Literature Review.” The segment was handled by Dr. Mariel R. Estrella with Grade 11 students as participants. Dr. Estrella highlighted what literature review is, its purposes, ways of note-taking in literature search, and processing of literature. She also shared how to write in-text citations and references using the APA format.


Day 2 was assigned to Ms. Yumi V. Vivien de Luna where she delivered a lecture for Grade 12 students regarding “Statistical Applications” that can be used in research.


On the third day, Dr. Maria Wendy M. Solomo tackled the topic on “Choosing a Researchable Topic” for Grade 10 students, specifically on writing the title and drafting the research problems.  She presented the research priorities in the field of Science, Technology and Environment and discussed the guidelines on how to select and formulate a research problem.


Day 4 was all about “Classifying Research Designs” which was discussed by Dr. Estrella for Grade 9 students. In her talk, she emphasized the types of research designs that suit specific researches. She also talked about selected research instruments and their applications, as well as selected data gathering tools.


The fifth day was devoted for consultation where Dr. Solomo, Ms. De Luna, Ms. Marilou Barcela, and Ms. Karen Moshie Artiaga served as reviewers of the students’ research papers. The students presented their group research and the reviewers gave comments and recommendations. The students likewise had the chance to ask questions so that they can improve the different parts of their research paper.


Despite the difficulty of not holding a face-to-face seminar with the students, a total of 497 students participated in the webinar through Zoom.  The administrators, teachers, and students of Naga City Science High School were very grateful to PSU for the success of CONNECT.


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