The partnership which had been conceptualized almost two years ago, finally started early this year. Working for the common goal of improving the reading and numerical literacy of elementary pupils in the 23 elementary schools of Tigaon District, Partido State University and DepEd inked a memorandum to collaborate for the improvement of literacy level. Eventually, DepEd will produce better pupils and the Philippines will have an increased rating in the next  OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

The big program of PSU includes both Research and Extension component. The Research Project titled “Teacher and Student Readiness in Increasing Reading and Numerical Literacy in DepEd Tigaon District in Camarines Sur” has 3 studies. Study 1 handled by Ms. Marilou Barcela is on the psychological readiness of pupils to study Reading; Study 2 of Dr. Mariel R. Estrella is on the readiness of teachers to teach Reading; and Study 3 of Ms. Nora Bacares is on the Proficiency level of pupils before and after the project.

PSU President, Dr. Raul Bradecina and the Public Schools District Supervisor (PSDS) of Tigaon District, Mr. Roberto Bayonito, have been instrumental in pursuing this project. Coordination had been done for almost two years now. On March 2, Mr. Bayonito together with his six Master Teachers went to the SGS office for the Orientation of the project. And on March 16, Dr. Estrella, Ms. Bacares, and Ms. Barcela joined the DepEd team as they present their output in the recently concluded workshop in drafting the research instrument to determine the level of proficiency in  reading of the elementary pupils in the district.

The collaboration seems promising. Study 1 and 2 are now in the data-gathering stage, while study 3 will start with the baseline data for the proficiency level two weeks from now. The project is expected to end by September 2021. Immediately after that, the Extension component will take off. In charge of the PSU-Dep Ed extension component are Dr. Wendy Solomo, Ms. Yumi Vivien de Luna, and Ms. Joji Mirana. Extension interventions will depend on the result of the research and the Master Teachers in DepEd will be involved greatly in determining the proper intervention.

It can be remembered that in July of 2020, two webinars on Reading Literacy and Numerical Literacy were conducted by SGS, through the project, to engage the DepEd teachers of Tigaon District right away. Resource persons were Dr. Felicitas Pado for Reading Literacy and Dr. Nenette L. Abrigo for Numerical Literacy. (MREstrella)

January 18 - Coordination meeting of PSU project staff and PSDS, Mr. Roberto Bayonito of Tigaon District.


March 2- Orientation meeting of PSU-Deped collaborative projects


March 16, 2021 – Presentation of DepEd Output (Assessment Tool for the Baseline Data)

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