Faculty researchers of the College of Arts & Sciences’ ICT programs have affirmed anew their craft and proficiency in the domain of Information & Communications Technology research and development following the launching of the Pili IS & MarketPlace on February 17, 2021. Engineered under the direction of the university’s ICT Management Office (ICTMO) headed by Dr. Ronnel R. Atole as Project Leader, the Web 2.0 system developed and launched will be a repository of all knowledge about the Pili crop which was identified as the flagship commodity of the Bicol Region under the Pili NICER program of DOST-PCAARRD. The Pili NICER is a program funded by the DOST-PCAARRD under the Science 4 Change program that commenced last October 1, 2019.

The Pili IS & MarketPlace is the main output of the Pili NICER’s Project 4 entitled “A Comprehensive PILI (Canarium ovatum Engl.) Information System Utilizing Web 2.0 Technologies: A Roadmap to KM Buildup”. It will operationalize an online knowledge bank where Pili traders, farmers, processors, buyers, and researchers can contribute content. It also integrates an e-commerce section where traders can sell pili-derived goods such as fashion accessories, beauty products, and delicacies. Its development team consists of Dr. Atole (project leader), Mr. Rowell John B. Artiaga, Mr. John Rey S. Lirag, Mr. Leo Constantine S. Bello, and Mr. Salvador B. Briones.


PSU President Dr. Raul G. Bradecina emphasized the importance of establishing such innovation in the Bicol Region. According to Dr. Bradecina, little has been done about developing innovations to enhance data storage and acquisition and marketing to support production, trade, and processing actors in the Pili value chains. “Innovative tools that support data acquisition, storage, and access to information are critical in promoting productivity and equity among actors in a value chain, especially that the Pili value chain is now evolving very visibly,” he added. The launching ceremony started with the opening remarks by Dr. Marissa Estrella, BCAARRD Consortium Director, and Pili NICER Program Leader. Dr. Estrella gave a brief background of the program and its seven projects.

Bicol University (BU) President Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas extended his congratulations to the development team for coming up with a timely and relevant project. “In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, it is imperative that we utilize the resources and technologies that are available to us in our desire to achieve our mission—to further expand our knowledge about Pili and contribute significantly to the improvement to the quality of life of the Pili-farming communities in the Bicol Region,” said Dr. Mascariñas.

DOST-PCAARRD Executive Director Reynaldo V. Ebora also expressed his commendation to the Bicol Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (BCAARRD) and the project team, through his message conveyed by Director of Crop Research Division of DOST-PCAARD Dr. Edna A. Anit on his behalf.

The presentation and demonstration started with Mr. Artiaga on the fundamental features of the Pili IS front end; Mr. Lirag followed on the Content Management features and Admin Section; Mr. Bello introduced the Pili Marketplace; and lastly, Mr. Briones discussed the remaining activities of the project along with the proposed training design & schedules. The event was hosted by Dr. Rina A. Abner, OIC-Dean of PSU's College of Business and Management, as the facilitator.


The project team will be conducting a series of training workshops on Pili IS & MarketPlace use, administration, and operation for DOST-BCAARRD, Pili farmers, producers, processors, traders, researchers, and other stakeholders in March 2021.

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