The Information and Communication Management Office (ICTMO), headed by Dr. Ronnel Atole, in cooperation with the Registrar's Office, organized a three-day orientation & training on the new Online Student Information, Registration, and Enrolment System, which was conducted on Nov. 23-25, 2020.


In his message, Dr. Atole explained the training's objective, which is to introduce the basic functionalities of the online system to the respective offices and personnel. He also highlighted the most crucial feature—online registration and enrollment, which would reduce, if not eliminate, face-to-face transactions inside the university.


Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Josefina A. Borromeo, delivered a message on behalf of the President who was attending an important engagement in Garchitorena, Camarines Sur. In the message, Dr. Bradecina commended the ICTMO team's efforts for yet another accomplishment that will help us in responding to the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Furthermore, Dr. Bradecina asked the faculty and staff to be open-minded in accepting future technological innovations to become effective educators and support the institution in facing radical changes that are part of our lives.


Ms. Mary Angela Saddul, Senior IT Specialist II of Digital Software Consultancy, facilitated the training. Ms. Saddul gave an overview of the system's different functionalities, such as inputting subjects, scheduling classes, editing admission requirements, pre-enlistment process, etc.

The deans, program directors, registrar, accounting, assessment, and cashiering personnel were among the invited participants to prepare them for the online registration and enrolment that will be employed this coming second semester of AY 2020-2021.


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