Implementing BOR Resolution No. 17, s. 2020, the university, thru the Information & Communications Technology Management Office (ICTMO) successfully connected Tinambac and Caramoan campuses with dedicated or fixed internet connections.

Caramoan Campus

On September 3 and 4, 2020, ICTMO personnel were in Tinambac and Caramoan campuses, respectively, for Preventive Maintenance activities, and installed distribution lines and hotspots across key locations such as administrative offices, library, and ICT laboratories.  Each of the two (2) campuses receives 10Mbps of fixed bandwidth bringing the university’s total capacity to 106 Mbps – 70Mbps for Goa campus and 8Mbps for each of Sagñay and San Jose campuses.

Tinambac Campus

The ICTMO is also continuously monitoring the market on availability of ISP facilities for Salogon and Lagonoy campuses and aims to install in these two (2) remaining campuses fixed-bandwidth internet within the year to have 100% connectivity of all seven (7) campuses. Unlike P2P connections which are shared among subscribers and users, dedicated or fixed connections are not affected by network congestion and traffic from other subscribers in the area making the latter more reliable and capable.

Providing internet connections among its campuses has been one of the University’s top priorities as it transitions from face-to-face learning to online and distance education.

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