Partido State University has recently launched a massive training on online teaching for all faculty called Online, Distance, and eTeaching (ODET) that spans from May 18-July 17, 2020. The training uses Zoom and Facebook and YouTube live as its platforms.

Introduction to "Online & Distance eTeaching"

The Orientation Webinar was held last May 18, 2020, with messages from the President Dr. Raul G. Bradecina and VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Josefina A. Borromeo. The orientation proper started with a brief input from a member of the ODeT Trainer’s Team Dr. Bernadette G. Gumba regarding “Online and Distance eTeaching.” It was followed by a presentation of results from a number of university-wide surveys on “Faculty Readiness on Online Teaching” by Mr. Rolan Jon G. Bulao. The last part was a detailed orientation and demonstration by Mr. Kennedy C. Cuya on “How to Start and Participate in the ODeT Training.”

The ODeT is composed of seven (7) modules, namely:  1) Preparation of Class Module for ODeT; 2) Converting Materials to Digital Resources & Accessing Online Resources; 3) ICT Tools in ODeT; 4) Assessment of Learning in ODeT; 5) Quality Assurance in ODeT; 6) Supporting Learners in ODeT; and 7) Inclusivity in ODeT.  

In the past few weeks, the training has covered Modules 1-3 and the faculty participants are currently working on the modular outputs like formulating learning objectives, identifying learning resources from Open Educational Resources (OERs), preparing learning activities, creating digital learning materials, and setting up a Google Classroom, among others.

Other members of the Trainer’s Team are Dr. Maria Wendy M. Solomo, Dr. Armando P. Delfino, Mr. Rowell B. John Artiaga, Ms. Ariane P. Abundabar and Ms. Hazel Jean C. Pesino. 


PSU President Raul Bradecina tackling "PSU's Response in the New Normal"


Trainers' Team member Dr. Bernadette Gumba discussing the overview of ODeT


A webinar on participating in ODeT facilitated by ODeT Team member Kennedy Cuya


A gallery view of PSU faculty attending one of the ODeT webinars via Zoom and Facebook


Presentation of survey results on "Faculty's Readiness for Online Teaching" by ODeT Team member Rolan Jon Bulao


Demonstration lecture by ODeT Team member Rowell John Artiaga about Google Classroom


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