Partido State University (ParSU), in partnership with the Kochi University, will hold the 16th International Kuroshio Science Conference on December 16-17, 2023, in Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

The conference, with the theme, "Towards Resilient and Sustainable Ecosystems and Communities along Kuroshio Sphere of Influence,” aims to share and spread knowledge that can address current challenges, stimulate research and innovation, and position ParSU at the heart of the global community through stronger collaborations with other higher educational institutions both nationally and internationally. This would bring together a diverse group of educators, researchers, and practitioners from public and private sectors from local and international institutions to share knowledge, experiences, and challenges in achieving resilient and sustainable ecosystems and communities along the Kuroshio Sphere.

Seven distinguished plenary speakers will deliver presentations and discuss novel scientific impacts. Several notable guests will also be present to share recent discoveries that may deepen the understanding of the conference's session themes and expand the body of knowledge.

The conference will feature parallel sessions on restoration, conversation, rehabilitation of natural resources, fisheries management/oceanography, adaptive capacity/resiliency, food security/processing technology, indigenous knowledge/culture/history, health and education, socioeconomics, ecosystem services valuation, climate change impact mitigation, marine pollution/marine plastics/ecotoxicology, protected areas and coastal resource management, biodiversity, habitat/ecology, and biotechnology.

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To conduct skills training and transfer of knowhow to faculty researchers in conducting oceanographic surveys and research to help Bicolanos in the coastal communities in making science-based choices in terms of potential livelihood opportunities and sustainable livelihood practices,  the Partido State University-Caramoan Campus, in collaboration with the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute hosted the Seminar Training on the Assessment of Water Quality and Profiling of the Coastal Environment on October 2-10, 2023.

Congratulations Dr. Rafe Brown!

The ParSU-Caramoan Campus headed by Dr. Michael A. Clores would like to extend warmest congratulations to Dr. Rafe Brown for being the inaugural recipient of the International Affairs Advisory Board International Research Award.

The CPALE passers of ParSU for October 2023 have demonstrated the capabilities of the University's graduates to be at par with the national performance by surpassing the national passing percentage of 31.37%. ParSU's first-time taker passing rate is 66.67%, and the retaker rate is also 66.67%. These jubilant passers include Ralph F. Sabenorio, CPA; Alexis M. Dulfo, CPA; Mark Joshua P. Colocar, CPA; and Azel John P. Pelagio, CPA.

Thirty-nine young individuals from over the Camarines Sur province attended the first Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration Summer Camp spearheaded by Partido State University-Caramoan Campus on July 14-24, 2023.

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