Production and Business Affairs

“ As an academic institution, ParSU is mandated to pursue income generating activities aside from conducting instruction, research and extension activities.  Because resources are always scarce, the need for entrepreneurship and production activities that will enhance them is imperative.  Income generating Project activities also provide the platform for our faculty members to express creativity and innovation such as the use of technology to create wealth and generate employment which we call technopreneurship.  These support the University’s advocacy to showcase and promote entrepreneurship as one of the means to alleviate poverty in the countrysides.   IGP projects will support ParSU’s efforts to provide enabling environment for our creative, innovative and enterprising faculty members, students and stakeholders who have the passion for technopreneurship, innovation and wealth creation.”

SUC President III

“Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Office of Business Affairs  sustain its efforts in coming up with innovative programs and projects that is responsive to the needs of these present times in-line with the production services . Policy landscape, streamlining of  IGP’s , new organizational structure, adjustment of  rental rates and the new incentive scheme has been introduced to inspire and mobilize the faculty, staff, and various stakeholders to be part of the growing and expanding business opportunities in the institution thereby contribute to the economic growth and development in the service area”

Director, Office of Business Affairs


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