The Faculty and Staff 

  Name Designation Academic Rank Educational Attainment
  ALVAREZ, Nelly O.   Instructor II MAED
  ASETRE, John Allan D. Director, Sports and Athletics Asst. Professor I Industrial Arts
  ATOLE, Ronnel R. Director, MIS Assoc. Prof IV PhD in IT
  BASILLA, Erlinda M. Dean, CAS Asst. Professor II PhD in Plant Science
  BORJA, Jacinto A.   Asst. Professor II PhD in English
  BOTOR, Josephine C. Director, Alumni Affairs Instructor III MA in Education w/ units
  BRIONES, Salvador II V. Area Placement Coordinator (BSIT & BSCS); MIS Coordinator; IT Equipment Inspector Instructor III Master in Education major in MATH
  BRIONES, Shane C.   Instructor III Master in Education major in Math
  CABALLERO, Ma. Aurora G. Director, NSTP Asst. Professor III EdD major Teaching Philippine Language Literature
  CAPUCAO, Joni Neil B.   Asst. Professor II MIT major in Multimedia and Object Oriented Technology
  CEA, Luz P.   Asst. Professor III MAED - Guidance
  COMPETENTE, Marilou S.   Assoc. Proffesor I MA in Science Education
  CLEDERA, Amado T.   Instructor III MAED in MATH
  DACILLO, Garry P. Program Adviser, BSMATH Instructor I Masters in MATH
  IGNAO, Leah Erica B.      
  INDICO, Michael H. Research Coordinator, IIT Asst. Professor I

Master in Management; Master in Engineering major in Computer Engineering

  LANCISO, Luisa M. Director, Research Asst. Professor Master in Ed- MATH
  MELITON, Ma. Fe C.   Asst. Professor I MAED -CAR
  MERANO, Amelita S.   Assoc. Professor I Master in Ed- MATH
  MILLARES, Delcy G. Museum Curator Asst. Professor I MA in Educational Management (CAR)
  OQUIALDA, Antonio B.    Asst. Professor IV Master in Ed - MATH
  PALMES, Marieta P.   Asst. Professor I PhD in Math Education w/ units
  PESIMO, Agnes R,   Professor IV PhD in Development Education
  PESINO, Hazel Jean Extension Coordinator, IIT Instructor I MIT
  PICASO, Daisy D.   Assoc. Professor I Doctor of Human Resource Management w/ Units
  PURA, Nicolas A.   Asst. Professor MIT w/ units
  ROMERO, Soccoro A.   Asst. Professor I MA in Teaching English
  SECILLANO, Mary Ann G. Program Adviser, AB POLSCI Asst. Professor MAED in English
  SERRANO, Leemar C.      
  TABARDILLO, Joselito Sr. D   Asst. Professor III MAED in Math
  TADURAN, Shannie A. Program Director, BSMATH and BSBIO Asst. Professor I Masters in Biology
  TAM, Ofelia E.   Instructor I MS in Plant Protection major in Plant Pathology
  ARTIAGA, Rowell John B.   Instructor I MS in IT w/ units
  CARIAGA, Sunny R.      
  CUYA, Kennedy C. Program Adviser, BSCS Instructor I Masters in IT w/ units
  COMBIS, Sherry A. Coordinator, Research Instructor I MA in Teaching English w/ units
  GONZALES, John Luigi R. Program Director, BSGEO Instructor I BS in Geology
  SICMATEN, Janet P. Program Adviser, BSGEO Instructor I BS in Geology
  ATOLE, Liezel DC.   Instructor I BS In Biology major in Microbiology
  ALARCON, Karen Michelle  Program Adviser, BSIT Instructor I Master in IT w/ units
  AQUINO, Maryjoy F.   Instructor I BSED in English
  BELLO, Leo Constantine S,    Instructor I Master in IT w/ units
  BICHAYDA, Chris R. Program Adviser, BACOMM Instructor I MAED in English w/ units
  BRIONES, Emmyrose S.    Instructor I MA in Public Administration
  BOLALIN, Nikki P.      
  CIELOS, Maria Ailyn R.   Instructor I Bachelor of Law
  DALANGIN, Jemin Mae S.   Instructor I BS in Geology
  ENCISO, Kiesche Mae S.   Instructor I AB in Secondary Education major in English
  FAURILLO, Cristina C,      
  GABUYO, Mary Rose P.      
  HERNANDEZ, Peter Paul B.      
  ICAMEN, Lany M.   Instructor I BSED - MAPE
  LIRAG, John Rey S.   Instructor I BS in Computer Science
  JOVEN, Kimberly   Instructor I AB Communication
  MEDINA, Elijah D.   Instructor I BA in Political Science
  NAPOLES, Karla Marie Z.   Instructor I BSED - MATH
  OBIAS, Fernan P.      
  ORTUA, Karen Eyre Moshie D.      
  ORTUA, Michael Allan N.      
  PAJATE, Mary Doll P.   Instructor I BSED - MATH
  PARPAN, Arnland B.      
  PINEDA, Celso Jr.   Instructor I BSED major in Biology and Chemistry
  PLAZA, Darwin P.   Instructor I BSED - Filipino
  RIVERO, David Con M.   Instructor I  BS in Accounting
  ROMERO, Vanessa Mae C.      
  SUICO, Julie Ann N.   Instructor I BSED major in MAPEH
  SELGA, Elaine B.   Instructor I  MA in Chemistry Education
  TEPONES, Jennifer E.   Instructor I MAED in English (currently enrolled)
  VALENCIA, Christian Kurt   Instructor I BS in Computer Science
  VALE, Michael P.      
  VILLAR, Ryan Jude      
  ZAMBRANO, Sherwin P.   Instructor I MA in Broadcast Journalism
  *OBIAS, Leslie T.       
  *SELGA, Winifred M.      
  *FERNANDEZ, Rolly      

*Part Timers

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