Five members of the faculty and staff of Partido State University were designated as Values Restoration Officers (VROs) as mandated by Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values (CFRV) under its Values Restoration Program (VRP).

The main objective of the VRP is to promote the government’s anti-corruption campaign by creating a values-oriented environment in the government offices. CFRV believes that this soft approach will result in a clean and corrupt-free government through the aid of the VROs.

These first batch of VROs is comprised of Mr. Tomas Sales, Jr of Finance, Mr. Marjun Sedeño of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Ms. Rina Abner of the College of Business and Management (CBM), Ms. Michelle Yoro of the College of Education (COED), and Ms. Glenda A. Sales of ParSU Sagñay Campus.

The VROs underwent a Trainer’s Trainer sponsored by CFRV at Naguillian, Baguio City on March 21-24, 2019 for Mr. Sales and Mr. Sedeño and May 22-24, 2019 for the remaining three. These trainings have been sponsored since 2018 and have had over 160,000 participants who have also been designated as VROs in their respective institutions.  Physicians, lawyers, police officers, and other government officials have rendered their time to facilitate the trainings and to show their support in achieving the success of the program.

VRP implementation in ParSU

To kick-off the implementation of VRP in the university the VROs have conducted a series of General Orientation on the Implementation of Filipino Values for the faculty and staff of Goa Campus from July 8-9 at ParSU Audio-Visual Room (AVR), Tinambac Campus on July 10, Salogon- Sagñay at Sagñay Campus and San Jose-Lagonoy at San Jose Campus on July 11 and lastly, Caramoan Campus on July 12, 2019.

Mr. Sales gave the opening remarks, followed by the rationale by Mr. Sedeño. The latter gave the objectives of the training and clarified that they are not going to enforce what they think is good but serve as a guide to rekindle the Filipino values within ourselves which we have long forgotten while living in this challenging world.

Meanwhile, Ms. Sales introduced who the CFRV is, highlighting its functions and the VRP program. Ms. Yoro also discussed their roles as VROs and the activities that they will implement as part of the VRP such as the discussion of a common value every week after the flag ceremony.

Ms. Abner served as the emcee who also facilitated the open forum at the end of the program. Many participants expressed their opinions, suggestions, and constructive criticisms that can help the VROs in their tasks.

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