The Partido Statistics Center (PSC) and School of Graduate Studies (SGS) join hands in training teachers of the Department of Education (DepEd) through the “Seminar-Training on Statistical Analysis in Research” last September 8, 2019 at the Audio-Visual Room of Partido State University - Goa Campus.



Registration started at around 8:00 am which was facilitated by teachers of San Rafael High School. The training had a total of 186 participants, mostly teachers in elementary and secondary education, with some faculty members from higher education institutions. SGS Dean Dr. Bernadette G Gumba gave a short opening remarks to start the event.



The main lecturer, Ms. Yumi Vivien V. De Luna, Director of PSC and faculty member of SGS began with the discussion on sampling designs and classification of variables. Features of the different sampling methods were given. Discussions on the appropriate interpretation of the Numerical Descriptive Measures and the use of statistical software in obtaining those values were demonstrated.

The afternoon sessions included lectures on selected Parametric, non-parametric and correlation methods used for test of hypotheses. Assumptions underlying the use of those statistical tests were given emphasis. One-on-one workshop with participants was conducted and facilitated by Ms. De Luna after the lecture.

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