PSU aims to provide quality instruction in philosophy and the arts, to create a competitive advantage in instruction, research and extension. One specific step toward this direction that the University has taken is the inclusion of Dr. Danilo M. Gerona, an internationally renowned Bicol historian,  in its roster of academic scholars. Dr. Gerona commits to build historical data base for Partido and undertake in-depth researches on certain aspects of the District which will become part of the collection of readings of the University.   

Academic presentations and discussions are an important component of university life. They provide avenues for intellectual discourse thereby strengthening the culture of scholarly writing and research among faculty, especially in the Graduate School. Listening to presentations of proposed research, results of studies, and instructional materials stimulates and motivates faculty to engage in challenging and high quality research, literature review and designing of instructional tools. It enriches classroom instruction because it provides concrete examples to the theories and concepts discussed in class.

The Partido State University (PSU) has again received a grant from the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD) under its HRD - Visiting Expert Program. DOST-PCIEERD aims to develop and enhance Filipino R&D and support capabilities to meet present and future human resource requirements in the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors. PSU seeks to ignite the creativity and innovativeness of its faculty members and students to produce policy relevant research and develop technologies that will impact society for the better. The program is being implemented by the PSU Office of the President, R&D Office, and Office of International Affairs. 

The School of Graduate Studies sponsored the first of a series of Journal Group Discussions which aimed to provide opportunities to faculty to discuss their research, literature review and/or instructional materials in the field of education, governance and management; and strengthen the culture of research and intellectual discourse in the university.

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