The Faculty and Staff 

  Name Academic Rank Designation Educational Qualification
  Abante, Naomi Nydia D. Assoc. Professor II Extension Coordinator MA in Music Education
  Abay, Jemil R. Instructor I COS   BSED-Mathematics
  Amador, Lina Flor B. Assoc. Professor V Business Affairs Coordinator Ed.D. in Educational and HRM
  Amoroso, Shiela E. Instructor III Research Coordinator PhD in Language, Literature and Devt. w/ units
  Aquino, Alma A. Asst. Professor II University Band Director  MS in Environmental Science
  Atole, Ma. Sol Conchita P. Instructor I Culture and Arts Coordinator MAED major in PE
  Barcillano, Gemmah T. Assoc. Professor II Dean, Student Affairs and Services PhD in English
  Belleca, Mary Grace C. Instructor I COS   BSED English
  Buitizon, Kemuel Joseph M. Instructor I Adviser, the Molder; Co-adviser, the Wisdom; Adviser, The Clarion MAED in English w/ units
  Cea, Mark Christian P. Instructor I COS   MAED in Psychology w/ units
  Celedonio, Alvin A. Instructor I COS Adviser, Grade 7; Mathematics Coordinator LHS BSED in Mathematics
  Celon, Aida P. Assoc. Professor V   EdD Educational and Mgt and HRM(CAR)
  Celestial, Marife S. Instructor I COS   BSED Filipino
  Civico, NiƱo Lyndon Salvador N. Instructor I COS In-charge COED Computer Laboratory Master in Computer Science w/ units
  Cledera, Janeth A. Asst. Professor I VPAA's Staff MAED Science Education
  Cornel, Rey B. Instructor I COS Adviser COEDSC, Coordinator OSAS BSED Biological Science
  Cortezano, Rogelio N. Assoc. Professor III Sports Coordinator MAED Mathematics
  Imperial, Delia C. Asst. Professor III HS Principal PhD in Developmental Education
  Iraula, Nadine M. Instructor I COS APSUED Secretary BS-BSE Chemistry/Biology
  Magat, Marita S. Professor III Dean, COED PhD Mathematics Education
  Medina, Rubielyn D. Instructor I COS   BSED English
  Monforte, Joan A. Instructor I COED ISO Focal Person MAED Filipino
  Oco, Ma. Cedocia Assoc. Professor V GAD Focal Person-Deputy Document Controller PhD Behavioral Management
  Olla, Medina R. Asst. Professor IV Program Director, BSED PhD Math Education w/ units
  Olivera, Micko D. Instructor I COS Planning Coordinator BS-BSE Mathematics
  Palero, Domingo D. Asst. Professor I Coordinator, PPF MAED w/ units
  Palmes, Merlie C. Asst. Professor IV Adviser, Partido Clarion  
  Palmaria, Ivy C. Instructor I COS   BSED Filipino
  Penino, Josenia M. Instructor I Asst. Planning Director MAED English
  Picaso, Ma. Cristina C.  Asst. Professor III COD Focal Person MAED Science Education
  Corazon, Remorozo M. Assoc. Professor II   Ed.D Human Resource Management
  Reniva, Adelwisa B. Instructor II HS Staff MAED Science Education
  Romero, Fe Assoc. Professor IV   Ed.D. HRM
  Romero, MInda C. Assoc. Professor II Program Director, BEED PhD in MATH with units
  Sarcilla, Jayson C. Instructor I COS   BSED English
  Tabardillo, Rosemarie A. Asst. Professor III University Extensions Director MAED Filipino
  Valencia, Ma. Leni D. Asst. Professor IV University Director, Guidance Admission and Placement MAED Guidance and Counceling
  Zarcedo, Glenda B. Asst. Professor I Radiance Adviser MAED English
  Myla C. TIanes   Administrative Aide BS in Agriculture - Horticulture


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